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    New Era College Council

    New Era College of Arts, Science and Technology  is delighted to introduce its esteemed Council members. The President of New Era College Mr. Esfandiar Ghodrati and the Council Chairperson Mr. Vishvas Q. T. Sethi would like to especially welcome and appreciate the following independent external members represented by distinguished organizations and industry for their continued service to the institution. Mrs. Galaletsang Maakwe, Mr. Richard Molosiwa, Mr. Tshepo Tsheko, Mr. Nana Ntiamoah, and Mr. Tauya Rugara.


    Since its inception in 2009, the Engineering and Technology College has prioritized maintaining a structured system of governance by establishing the Council as the highest governing body responsible for exercising oversight over the institution and its affairs. 


    Council Members contribute by sharing their knowledge and expertise and are expected to apply balanced and impartial judgement over all deliberations with profound integrity. Council Members play a significant role as the advisory board and maintain a fiduciary responsibility over institutional matters. 


    The Council governs major business functions of the institution and is supported by three Council Committees chaired by the independent and external Members of Council.

    (1)    Finance, Audit and Risk, (2) Appointments, Promotion and Appeals, and (3) Investment Strategy.


    The College Council Chairperson and Managing Director at IT-IQ Botswana, Mr. Sethi who is responsible for providing leadership and nurturing relationships between New Era College and its stakeholders notes that, “The principal contributions of the New Era College Council are to provide holistic, independent, and objective governance and oversight, represent an external view, offer special skill and advisory, and finally to advise on all public matters and reputation.”


    The New Era College Council has been structured in accordance with the King IV Report on Corporate Governance.


    1. Chairperson: Mr. Vishvas Q. T. Sethi, Managing Director at ITIQ

    2. Mr. Nana Ntiamoah: Senior Engineer at Botswana Institute of Technology, Research and Innovation (BITRI) 

    3. Mr. Richard Molosiwa: Human Resources Practitioner & Managing Partner at v-HR Partners

    4. Mr. Tauya Rugara: Finance Consultant & Managing Director at Sinecure 

    5. Mrs. Galaletsang Maakwe: Business Consultant & Managing Director at Oodi Sunset Internal and Ex Officio 

    6. Mr. Esfandiar Ghodrati: President and Founder

    7. Mrs. Farideh Ghodrati: Shareholder 

    8. Professor Amos P. N. Thapisa: Chief Executive Officer 

    9. Mr. Danesh Sobhani: Managing Director of Institutional Effectiveness

    10. Mr. Daruosh Ghodrati: Vice President for Administration and Finance