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    Accomodation Operations and Services

    New Era College (NEC) has partnered with City & Guilds U.K. to offer the Accommodation Operations and Services (AOS) Programme.

    The tourism sector is one of the world’s fastest growing industries. AOS is a key part of the Travel Tourism and Hospitality industry. It is an appropriate hands-on course, designed to equip you with an in-depth knowledge on the various aspects of the industry.

    With an Advanced Diploma in Accommodation Operations and Services the graduate will:

    • Understand International standards
    • Have a keen understanding of the industry from all aspects
    • Evolve, evaluate, reason and making rational decisions and informed choices
    • With practical training and internship be marketable in the global industry

    Career opportunities in this field include, Executive Housekeepers, Rooms Division Managers, Lodge Managers, Trainers, Entrepreneurs and Hospital Accommodation Managers.

    Certificate (Duration 1 year)

    • Security at Work
    • Cleaning Procedures
    • Organisation of Cleaning
    • Customer Care
    • Care of Textiles
    • Personal Skills
    • Design, Decor & Furnishings
    • Safety at Work
    • Fire Prevention

    Diploma (Duration 1 year)

    • Security Practices
    • Customer Care
    • Personal Skills
    • Safety at Work
    • Fire Prevention
    • Types of Accommodation Services
    • Planning & Organisation of H/K Services
    • Principles of Design Decor & Furnishings
    • Control of the Accommodation Environment

    Advanced Diploma (Duration 1 year)

    • Security Practices
    • Safety at Work
    • Customer Care
    • Fire Prevention
    • Personal Skills
    • Range of Accommodation Services
    • Staffing the Service
    • Quality Control
    • Financial Control
    • Design Aspects


    Under the Faculty of Arts, the NEC programme on Accommodation and Operations Services (AOS) is regulated by Human Resource Development Council Botswana and City & Guilds United Kingdom. City & Guilds programmes are accredited by UK bodies such as the Qualification Curriculum Authority.

    Graduates holding Advanced Diplomas in Accommodation and Operations Services have the option to enter universities the UK at final year for a top up degree programme.