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    Reception and Front Office Services


    The Customer Service Industry is an integral part in any Commerce or Business enterprise. Reception & Front Oce Services (RFOS) is the rst contact with which businesses retain, increase their business & services & manage their operations. RFOS course is designed to master health, safety & secure environment, resources management in the front oce areas& supervise cash handling.

    With an Advanced Diploma in Reception and Front Oce Services, the graduate will be able to:

    • Qualify as a receptionist in a supervisory role
    • Supervise customer service & lead teams
    • Resource management of front office areas
    • Supervise cash handling operations industry


    Career Opportunities in this eld include: Front Oce Supervisor in Hospitality or any business, Customer Service Supervisor, Team Leader, Cashier, Relationship Supervisor in the Banking Industry to name a few.

    Certicate (1 year)

    • Safety at Work
    • Customer Service in Hospitality and Catering Industry
    • Introduction to Equipment used  in Reception
    • Provide Information to Guests
    • Store and Handle Guests Property
    • Introduction to the Hospitality and Catering Industry
    • Reception Service Principles

    Diploma (1 year)

    • Reception Office Skills
    • Customer Service Skills in Accommodation Services
    • Promote Products and Services to Guests
    • Safety at Work
    • Reception Services Principles II
    • Book Accommodation for Guests
    • Handling Cash & Guests Accounts
    • Arrival and Departure Services


    Advanced Diploma (1 year)

    • Maintain A Healthy Safe & Secure Working Environment
    • Supervise Customer Service
    • Supervise Staff Training
    • Supervise Front Office Operations
    • Supervise Cash Handling Operations
    • Principles of Supervising and Leading Teams
    • Reception and Front Office Services Principles
    • Resource Management in Front Office Areas



    The NEC programme on Reception & Front Office Services (RFOS) is registered by Human Resources Development Council (HRDC) Botswana & accredited by City & Guilds U.K (RFOS) is  also registered & accredited with Botswana Qualification Authority (BQA). City & Guilds programmes are accredited by U.K bodies such as the Qualification Curriculum Authority (QCA).

    Graduates holding Advanced Diploma in Reception & Front Office Services have the option to enter universities in the U.K & other countries for further studies.