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    Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

    New Era College (NEC) has partnered with Association of Business Executives to offer the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality (TTH) Programme.

    TTH is an adventurous and exciting industry with multiple career and specialising opportunities. The programme is designed for a strong foundation with a prospect to specialise on progression.

    With an Advanced Diploma in Travel Tourism and Hospitality the graduate will:

    • Make informed choices
    • Have a keen understanding of the industry from all aspects
    • Evolve, evaluate, reason and make decisions and be employable

    Career opportunities in this field include: Local Tourism Departments, Travel Agencies and Tour Operations, National Tourist Offices, Hospitality Management and Entrepreneurs

    Certificate (Duration 1 year)

    (Compulsary modules)

    • Introduction to Business
    • Introduction to Business Communication
    • Introduction to Accounting
    • Introduction to Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

    Diploma Part 1 (Duration 6 months)

    (Compulsary modules)

    • Organizational Behavior
    • Financial Accounting
    • Economic Principles and their application to Business
    • Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

    Diploma Part 2 (Duration 6 months)

    • Travel Tourism & Hospitality Operations Management
    • Human Resources Management
    • Marketing Policy, Planning and Communication

    Options (Any 2 modules from):

    • IT in Hospitality and Tourism Operations
    • Managerial Accounting
    • Principles of Business Law
    • Customer Service Skills

    Advanced Diploma (Duration 1 year)

    (Compulsary modules)

    • Strategic Hospitality Management
    • International Travel, Tourism and Hospitality
    • Sustainable Tourism Planning and Development

    Options (any 2 modules from):

    • Strategic Marketing Management
    • Strategic Human Resources Management for Business Organizations
    • Managing in Organizations
    • Managing Information Resources


    Under the Faculty of Arts, the NEC programme on Travel Tourism and Hospitality (TTH) is regulated by Human Resource Development Council Botswana and Association of Business Executives (ABE) United Kingdom. ABE programmes are accredited by UK bodies such as the Qualification Curriculum Authority.

    Graduates holding Advanced Diplomas in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality have the option to enter universities in the UK at final year for a top up degree programme.