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    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Since its foundation, New Era College has been proud to promote and support a wide range of activities in line with the college’s beliefs in Corporate Social Responsibility. This energetic participation has come from all levels of the College from thefounder and his wife, to the Management and Council Members of the College, or directly from the students themselves. These undertakings have been planned and executed with the intention of giving back to the College’s stakeholders, to the community, and the nation. 
    One area in which New Era College fulfills its Corporate Social Responsibilities is through its numerous academic scholarships and other forms of financial contributions and donationsto the College population. Scholarships are granted on a regular basis to Batswana orphans and other young people deemed to be vulnerable. Individuals with exceptional talent who are unable to expensetuition are also granted scholarships.In some cases, tuition fees are discounted for parents who would otherwise be unable to send their children to College due to financial restraints; in other cases additional financial support in the form of provisions are supplied annually to the working stakeholders of New Era College.
    The College has also been in active participation with charity organizations and community projects and has frequently supported these worthy causes through financial and moral support. Every year New Era College plays an active role in the World AIDS Day awareness campaign, and its practical involvement includes the purchasing and free distribution of condoms and sexual-wellness literature. Donations have been made regularly to various community groups and to numerous Secondary Schools. One example of the College’s involvement in the Botswana education system is at the Ramotswa English Primary School, which is financially supported by New Era College, despite producing no financial profitfor the college, in order to support the surrounding community.
    The grounds of the college are also frequently used by Gender and Welfare Groups, community churches, public interest groups, and government agencies.
    Through the use of its financial, administrative, and physical resources, New Era College continues to fulfill its own Mission as an establishment for further education for Botswana and delivers upon its promise as a responsible corporation. As New Era continues to grow, so will its commitment to giving back to the community and nation in which it arose. The education of Botswana’s youth and young adults will remain central to New Era’s commitments as both an educational facility and a player in the development of sustainable communities. 
    Education can facilitate and encourage an enlightened outlook upon life.
    New Era College, Education for Life.