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    Telecommunications and Systems

    New Era College (NEC) has partnered with City & Guilds U.K. to offer the Telecommunication Systems (TCS) Programme.

    A technology driven industry, Telecommunication Systems is progressing with cutting-edge developments encouraging globalization. The NEC programme on TCS is designed to keep you up-to-date with technological developments and global trends.

    With an Advanced Diploma in Telecommunication Systems the graduate will:

    • Understand international nature of the knowledge and skill activities needed for different countries and cultures
    • With practical training and internship be marketable in the global industry

    Career opportunities in this field include, Aircraft and Electronic Industries; Fixed & Mobile Telephone Networks;, Software Engineering;: Military, Naval & Police Communication Systems; Computer Networking; Radio Systems; Broadcasting Services TV & Radio and Security Systems to name a few.

    Technician Certificate (Duration 1 year)

    (Compulsary modules)

    • Fundamentals of Electronic Communication 1
    • Communication Systems & Digital Networks 1
    • Telecommunication practice 1

    Technician Diploma (Duration 1 year)

    (Compulsary modules)

    • Fundamentals of Electronic Communication 2
    • Communication Systems & Digital Networks 2
    • Fundamentals of Electronic Communication 3
    • Communications Systems & Digital Networks 3
    • Telecommunication Systems Practice 2/3

    Options (Any 1 module from)

    • Radio Systems and Radio Systems Practice
    • Programming Principles and Programming Principles Practice

    Optional module only (for additional skill but not compulsory)

    • Advanced Mathematics

    Technician Advanced Diploma (Duration 1 year)

    (Compulsary modules)

    • Telecommunications Project Practical Assignment: Analysis and solution for a corporate scenario
    • Advanced Telecommunication Systems
    • Advanced Radio Systems
    • Advanced Radio Systems Practice Practical Assignment: Examination of 2.5G and 3G telecommunications systems
    • Software Engineering
    • Software Engineering Practice Practical Assignment: Software Engineering
    • Advanced Mathematics 2


    Under the Faculty of Engineering, the NEC programme on Telecommunication Systems (TCS) is regulated by Human Resource Development Council Botswana and City & Guilds United Kingdom. City & Guilds programmes are accredited by UK bodies such as the Qualification Curriculum Authority.

    Graduates holding Advanced Diplomas in Telecommunication Systems have the option to enter universities in Botswana & the UK at final year for a top up degree programme.

    E-Skills U.K., the industry representative body responsible for addressing the needs of IT & Telecommunication systems benchmarked the City & Guilds award in Telecommunication Systems against occupational standards for the UK Telecomm Industry.