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    New Era College Contributes to the Development of National Standards for Botswana

    22 October, 2019

    Since 2015, New Era College of Arts, Science and Technology has been a key contributor to the Botswana national quality assurance standards. With a number of staff members forming part of 19 various committees within the Botswana Bureau of Standards (BOBS), New Era College continues to demonstrate its commitment to contributing to the development of Botswana beyond the tertiary education landscape. The various committees are responsible for enhancing the standards of products and ensuring the safety of Batswana and the environment at large.

    As a Botswana Government parastatal and the first National Standards Body for Botswana, the Botswana Bureau of Standards (BOBS) was formed in 1997 with its “primary objectives of formulating Botswana standards and coordinating quality assurance activities in Botswana with the mission to improve the quality of life of the citizens of Botswana.” Mrs. Maria Phillip, the System Administration Manager at New Era College, is a committee member for BOBS Safety and Performance of Household and Electrical appliances committee. She was the first of 19 New Era College committee
    members that was approached by BOBS in 2015 to contribute to the national quality assurance standards of BOBS. “In 2015 the College received communication from BOBS requesting for a member to join their electrical appliances committee to assist in the development of standards,” said Mrs. Phillip. “The College approached me to be a member of the committee. Two years later we received a letter thanking the College for the great work it’s doing by contributing to the development of the country’s standards.”
    “New Era College has been very helpful to BOBS. They have shown impressive interest through the large numbers they have brought forth for committee members.” said Mr. Nana Ntimoah, Principal Engineer Standards at BOBS.
    “Our institutional affiliation [with New Era College] has been great and can work well in the future as their state-of-the-art facilities give us an opportunity to test certain products in their labs if we don’t have those particular facilities. The research New Era College has conducted in its own areas can also go a long way in developing product standards.” The various committees in BOBS are responsible for developing standard for a multitude of industries and sectors, including but not limited to tourism, electronics, children and household products. The committees call the members on a monthly basis to discuss and finalize certain standards. BOBS committee members range from managing directors, manufacturers, product developers to operators who all bring forth multiple perspectives which guides the development of high-quality standards for the country.
    When asked where New Era College sees itself in the future of BOBS, Mrs. Phillip explained that “As a College we are contributing to ensure the products on a national level are of a good quality and that we have a safe environment in Botswana. We’re going a long way with BOBS. As much as we contribute knowledge and revise the country’s standards, the College is also getting a lot out of this relationship. We have discovered the elements that go into developing products and services of exceptional quality.