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    28 February, 2020

    New Era College of Arts, Science and Technology has been producing technologists and engineers for the Botswana labor market since 2009. The College, who just recently celebrated its 10th year anniversary has been driving the national Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) agenda forward through its offering of programs such as Telecommunications and Electrical Engineering that have lead it’s graduates to vibrant careers in the STEM fields.

    The College attended this years’ 2020 Botswana Human Resources Development Skills Fair and Career Clinics (BHRDS) in Francistown, themed “Career Guidance: The Foundation for Knowledge Based Economy”.

    “It is important that each student who is admitted to New Era College for any of our engineering or business programmes undergo career guidance as this in turn helps in having a generation of students who are committed and aiming for success as they prepare to enter into the job market,” commented Ms. Omphile Visagie, Deputy Director, Marketing and Communications at New Era College when speaking at their stall at the Francistown Fair. “This leads to graduates who are confident in their chosen career paths and ultimately strive to contribute to the economy.”

    Speaking directly of his experience at New Era College, the best performing Telecommunications student from the graduating class of 2014, Mr. Edward Bosetogile, is a shining example of how well the industry absorbs New Era College graduates. Currently employed at Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTC), Mr Bosetogile first had his interest in telecommunications sparked while doing some odd jobs in the rural village of Pandamatenga. He explained that, that is when he encountered someone climbing the telephone poles that he had grown up seeing all around the country, that he came to realize the job of technician in action. He was fixed on a path to gaining the skills to also one day work at BTC.

    Throughout his time at the College, Mr. Bosetogile studied diligently and his hard work saw him being named as the best student of his graduating class. “New Era College taught me exactly what I wanted to know about telecoms,” explained Mr. Bosetogile. “Their labs allowed us to conduct experiments regularly that exposed us to real world situations. My exposure throughout my studies helped a lot when I got to the field, as I was familiar with most of the equipment being used.”

    New Era Colleges’ Office of Industrial Relations, whose mandate it is to link its students to the industry for attachment placement is one of the bridges that help students with employment soon after graduating. It was through this office that Mr. Bosetogile secured an attachment at BTC, who upon completion of his studies offered him an internship which later turned into full employment. He is employed as a field technician for BTC and greatly enjoys the job that he has always dreamed of doing.

    Having produced employable graduates for the industry throughout the last 10 years, New Era College has positioned itself as one of Botswana’s leading tertiary institutions that help develop skilled resources for the nation. New Era College will be participating at the remaining BHRDS Fairs in Maun and Gaborone and will be hosting a number of career clinics to provide guidance to any learners who wish to pursue a career in STEM.